Friday, August 29, 2008

On the road again...

It's really hard to get comfortable when your body is twisted into all sorts of weird angles. Trying to make the best of this trip is getting harder by the burger-flipping second.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When butternut squash attacks...

Moving on to solids is messy but fun. She cried when there was none left.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A few words to the wise...

... DO NOT touch the muffler of a motorcycle someone just climbed off of. It's hot and it burns. Your skin might sizzle loud enough for you to hear. It may also blister. And scream in pain for a few hours. Your hand that is. (You might discover that hands scream!) Not that I did that or anything... just saying.

That's all. Smile Have a good day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ACK! I'm going BALD!!

I'm cooking dinner and out of nowhere DH says, "Why do you have a bald spot?" I immediately freak out and drop everything to go look in the mirror. Sure enough my hair is thinning and I've noticed big ole clumps of hair falling in the shower. I don't know if I've had hair thinning so drastically in the past, but a quick search on showed that it's perfectly normal and it suggests taking an iron supplement as well as a multivitamin. I'm totally guilty of taking NEITHER of these, so I guess I'll start doing it ASAP. I'll go in for a haircut as well, something shorter for sure.

Any other tips? The only thing I've been doing different is drinking green and white tea for the past few weeks now. Everything else is very much the same. I really hope it's just a so-called phase and I get my hair back. boo-hoo.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First Day of School!

In the words of Emma, "OH MY GOODNESS!"

I can't believe the kids are at school as I type this. It's kinda nice and quiet here, with only Emma and the baby. The kids have been terribly excited all week long about going to school. Yesterday we had Open House and they got to meet their teachers, find their desks and just get to know the classroom all around.

Today I woke them up bright and early and although Emily was still excited Jr was a bit apprehensive. Once we got to the school they loosened up a bit.

Arriving at school

First we went to Emily's classroom. Since they will be riding the bus, and Emily is new to all this Junior has instructions to drop off Emily at her classroom/playground before he himself can meet up his friends on the playground at the opposite side of the school. The boy is gonna learn to care for his sisters whether he likes it or not.

Battraw Room 208

Kindergarten playground

Finally Emily's classroom was open and she went in, made a lunch choice and sat down at one of the activity tables.

Puzzle time

I made sure to remind the teacher that I'll be picking her up today and she'll be riding the bus tomorrow. I am so damn nervous about them riding the bus. *SIGH*

After dropping Emily off we headed to Junior's classroom. The kid HATES CHANGE, but it wasn't so bad. Thankfully his BFF is in the same classroom and he knows other kids as well. I think he'll be okay.

Shaw Room 104


And I came back home. Where it's nice and quiet -- not really, but it's QUIETER.

Did I tell you that I'm going to attempt potty training with Emma now that I'll have more free time. OY. That's another post for a later day.

Can't wait to go pick up the kids to see how their day went.

Friday, August 01, 2008

My son...

Dealing with Junior is so damn hard at times. I don't know what to do.

The kid is a smart and caring person. He really is. But at the same time he can be so stubborn and selfish and wont listen to logic. He's also very INTENSE and will throw himself wholly at something. For example: He's uber-ready for school. He's VERY resistant to any sort of change. He'll fight it all the way. I'm trying to hype them up for it and yesterday we all went to pick out backpacks for both. We also picked a few clothing items. Today he woke up super early (6:30 am) and brushed his teeth and set his clothes out for school. School doesn't start until WEDNESDAY. I tell him to put away his clothes since school doesn't start until NEXT WEEK but he gets all pissy with me and just locks himself in the room. I just can't WIN with this kid. I try to be gentle in the way I talk to him, but it seems that he mistakes my kindness for weakness. I don't know what else to do with him.

Dh threatens that my "time" with him is almost up. By this he means that all the babying and spoiling will come to a screeching halt and he will be disciplined with a hard hand. Ay Dios mio... help a girl out.