Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well that's the last time I break my superstitions....

...Not cause I'm pregnant or anything, cause I'm not. But just because it's WRONG to go against rules I set for myself. You thought I was going to say that I'm pregnant. HA! HA! I'm not... or at least the pregnancy test says I'm not. I got a big fat negative on it... yay. I'm sure one day I'll be crossing every body part imaginable hoping for it to be a positive, but for right now I'm happy with my crew of four. Which by the way, is very hard to manage. Especially now that the littlest one WALKS. When did that happen?! I'll have to post a video of her walking - it's too cute.

Speaking of the little terror, have I told you what a terror she has turned into now that she doesn't need my assistance to get from point A to point B. No? Let me share an incident from today. I, trying to win the WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD, ate chocolate cake for breakfast. Not wanting to be mean and tease Emma with my chocolate cake and milk, I gave her a small piece as well. I gave Evelyn a nice little jar of baby food (apples and oatmeal), because I'm not that bad. Evelyn, however saw the delicious chocolaty creme cake and decided that she too must have a piece. She stalked her prey (Emma) and waited for the right moment to pounce. I tell ya, the second Emma put that plate close enough for her to reach, she lunged at it and proceeded to sit down on the floor and chomp down. She left little crumbs all over the floor as she walked away from the scene of the crime and little chocolaty hand prints as incriminating evidence. Emma came back to find nothing but crumbs and said in a deep and scorning voice, "BEBELYNN!"

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