Saturday, February 14, 2009

I forgot to post about this...

DH was able to call this morning from the Congo. According to him they got in last night. I understand there was a series of unfortunate events. From the airline losing his tools (probably thousands of dollars worth) to the vehicle they were supposed to travel in breaking down and having to ride a bus. I really hope the airline comes through and finds/returns the tools. An FMI representative was put "on the case" so to speak. I have little hope of his tools actually finding their way back... this is from their website (South African Airways).

"SAA does not take responsibility for the loss of items in checked luggage such as money, passports or visas, PC equipment, electronic devices, Cellphones, fragile items, business documents, valuable items and jewelery. Our general conditions of carriage refers to our baggage liability"

So what are they RESPONSIBLE FOR? I'd raise hell about it, but I don't think it'd make DH happy.

Anyway, DH is in the housing they have provided. He is rooming with two other co-workers. His brothers all got ONE house to themselves. I so would not want to be rooming with them. They'll be receiving cell phones and trucks for work and I'm hoping they allow incoming calls so that I can at least talk to him once a day with a calling card. There is no internet, although the company says they are working on it. He will also be working alongside some of the best engineers he's encountered and worked with in the past. I look forward to his many stories, but even more so to his arrival.

His closing words were, "Tell the kids I love them and miss them." *sigh*

Well, we also went to that party but I totally spaced out and forgot to bring the camera with me. Oh well, maybe another time. The important thing is that we actually made it out of the house. I have more later... but for now, this is good enough.

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