Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing exciting happened today.

We had a regular ole boring day today. I cleaned a good portion of the house. MY GAWD, you should have seen the crap that I took out of the kids bathrooms.

Emma is going through this phase where she wants all the attention. She will push the baby out of the way or trip her if she sees her coming towards me. She wont accept no for answer and will pout or cry when she doesn't' get what she wants. She also isn't eating very well. I can't figure out if it's just her being a typical 2.5 yr old or if something is wrong. Usually I have to sit her down and practically force some food into her.

This past week she has said things that really break my heart. When she or I can't open something she'll say, "I know! Papa can help!" When I try to tell her that he's "at work" she cries and refuses to acknowledge it. So now I just agree with her and she seems happier that way.

Well, Idol is on. I'm gonna watch what little Evelyn will allow. TTYL.

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