Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank God for small favors...

Johannesburg Airport - Taken by Justin Qian

DH is in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was able to chat with him via Skype (before he used all his wireless allowance) and then later on the phone. I'm so happy we had the mind to set it up before he left. One of his brothers was held back at the airport. He is not allowed to leave and therefore has stayed in a hotel located within the airport grounds. Everyone else is fine - a bit dazed and confused due to the time differences, but fine.

The airline broke DH's expensive luggage and now he has to haul around a bag full of tools without any of the nifty little wheels. I submitted a claim through the website and it said that a representative should get back to me in the next FEW WEEKS. awesome.

I thank God however, for all the small favors that have made the past few days tolerable...

Thank God for sisters that are willing to spend endless hours on the phone.

I'm so glad I at least have my sister to talk to. She has been a huge source of support and comfort for me. She empathizes with me and tries her best to help me stay afloat and not drown in my own sadness. I'm thankful for her.

Thank God for SKYPE!

I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this new way to communicate with him. The kids were able to see their father and speak to him before they left to school. It gives me a small sense of peace to know that they will still be able to see each other.

Thank God for

The last time I used this website was when DH was in IRAQ. That's over 3 years ago. It was the only source of calling cards with reasonable rates to Iraq. DH was able to send me his hotel number in Johannesburg and I was able to find a calling card quickly and talk to him. At 6 cents a minute, it's just like calling within the states with some phone plans.

Like I said, thank God for small favors.

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