Friday, February 13, 2009

Three day weekend ahead.

The kids will be off on Monday due to President's Day. I hate to admit that I do NOT look forward to it. Weekends were DH's thing. If he was around, I'd probably be happy at the idea of spending a few extra hours nagging him. **Sigh**

On a positive note I RSVP'd for a birthday party tomorrow. I figure if we stay busy during the weekends, time will fly by. I'm thinking of starting a raised bed garden and getting the kids involved in the whole process. Also I'm gonna go ahead and get an estimate for a walkway ni front of the house. Once that is put down I can put in my rose bushes. I got six of them today - three red and three white. I'll get the kids to help me with that too. It'll be fun to dig and plant these things and then to watch them bloom. Hopefully they'll bloom by the time DH comes home. Next weekend we can go purchase the lumber for the raised bed and get a pickup of topsoil for them.

The house is a PIGSTY. I havent' done much since DH left. I was planning on sprucing up the master bath this morning, but that went to crap once the space saver I bought was put together. It was deceivingly small. On the box it looked like a large piece of furniture, but once it was erect, well -- it wasn't. I had to take it apart (very carefully, so as to not damage it) and put it back in the box. I took picture of it, I need to upload them and show ya'll.

Well, I'm gonna try and work into the night getting this place clean. It's my hope that if I start out the week with a clean house I'll be able to maintain it clean for the remainder of the time DH is gone. God help me. I find myself feeling very depressed and without the strength or motivation to do anything.

Off to clean I go.

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