Saturday, March 07, 2009


This is so damn stressful for me. Every day it seems like I get less and less time to myself, to collect my thoughts, to take a SHOWER, or even to just go to the damn toilet without an audience. The kids bicker incessantly and whine or complain just about everything. On the weekends, they are uncooperative and restless since there is not much to do.

This damn diet/weight thing is making me miserable to. I want to be skinny DAMMIT. But the stress of everything prompts me to eat MORE. I wish I could get a few minutes to myself to go run, jog or workout - but it's impossible. Even when I'm trying to do the workout videos at home, it never fails that they want or need something and they interrupt or altogether stop me from doing any form of exercise.

The economy seems to be getting worse by the second according to all the news coverage and the world itself seems to be going in a downward spiral. I just feel like I'm suffocating in this bleak present. I try to look for things that will bring me hope or inspiration of some sort and to tell you the truth I come up short. The moments that make me smile or laugh are far and few.

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