Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day BBQ

Christmas Day got off to an early start. TOO EARLY if you ask me. We had just hit the bed when the kids were poking us to see if they could open the presents under the tree. Or so it seemed. We got home so late that we just tucked the kids into bed in dress clothes and all.

Evelyn was a pro this time at opening her presents. The night before she had had plenty of practice, and went to town tearing off paper. She squealed "BABY" when she saw the packaging for her toys. (Ignore the UNFLATTERING picture of me... at least I was awake!)

Emma anxiously waited her turn and pleasantly surprised with a dress-up chest. Later, when all had opened their gifts, all three girls would retire to their bedroom and don the fairy outfits.

Emily and Junior opened their gifts at the same time. They promptly put on their new skates and proceeded to leave scuff marks all over my nice wood floor.

After picking up some of the mess and getting the kiddos ready we headed out to my parent's house again. We stopped on the way there to get some "tripas" for the BBQ. Grandpa was there!

I tried to take some pics of him, since he is my last surviving grandparent. I noticed that all my brothers were there and I managed to convince them all to pose for a picture with Dad and Grandpa. I'm glad they did.

The afternoon was spent mostly outside chowing down on BBQ chicken and tripas with rice, flour tortillas and pico de gallo. Sorry there are no pictures of that. I was too busy eating to stop and take a pic. Jesse left later in the day to go visit with his parents. Since my mother-in-law is still trying to recover from her knee surgery, we try to keep the kids away so as to not bother her too much. Our girls can get rather loud and disruptive so when we do take the kids the visits are short and sweet. One can only take so much of the girls screeching and fighting over who gets what.

Either way, it was a nice way to spend Christmas Day. Later in the evening my Aunt Esmeralda and her husband (Uncle Ricardo) showed up as well as mom's brother, Uncle Jose Luis. After they left we made our way home to try and catch up on our sleep. Merry Christmas y'all... hope ya had a good one!

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