Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Trophies

Two trophies. One of them actually belongs to me. One belongs to Emily. Mine was getting dusty and old in our storage and Emily decided to rescue it. DH says that when he told her it was mine, she wanted to bring it inside the house.

How did I get mine? I won at State while participating in DECA under the "full service restaurant management" category. Went all the way to Nationals. I was pretty proud of myself, back then.

How did Emily get hers? Photography contest. She's seen me snap pictures of just about everything and really wanted to try her hand at it. She won 2nd place in the "pee-wee" category. Blows my trophy out of the water.

I'm glad my rickety old trophy, has hers to keep it company. I hope they become great friends and share many adventures together.

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