Monday, January 18, 2010

These are our sheep...

We have TWO sheep once again. It is our hope that they will mature and eventually mate, producing more baby sheepy for us to, um... play with. Right now they are mostly kept so they can eat all the green stuff in the back. This keeps us from having to mow, saving us time and money. Eventually, we'll try and get a few more females and breed them for meat and/or milk/cheese.

In my mind we're slowly working towards becoming self-sufficient. We have the chickens for eggs and meat, the sheep and with time we'll work in some goats. I have to start planning how or what I'm gonna garden and look into canning/jarring/preserving whatever fruits and vegetables we're able to harvest. We didn't set out to be farmers/ranchers/crazies... but it's been a fun ride getting to where we are now. Let's hope the rest of it is just as enjoyable. Remind me I said that when I step into a pile of chicken crap for the umpteenth time.

Will be back with pictures of my chickies! I can't believe they are laying eggs! It seems like yesterday they were tiny little chicks that I had to check their butt to make sure their poop hole wasn't caked with feces. FUN TIMES! FUN TIMES!

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