Thursday, June 14, 2012

Detailed update...

Right now we are staying in a two bedroom suite. There is a king bed in the main bedroom, two twin beds in the second and a sofa/sleeper bed in the living area. We have a small "living room," dining and kitchenette. No dishwasher, but no worries cause they do dishes as part of housekeeping every day. We'll be here until Monday, then we fly out to Copiapo.

The biggest adjustment has been the food. The older kids are not taking to it very well. Evelyn is adjusting well and eating and drinking most of everything (even the milk in a cardboard box). Emma was already my picky eater and is only eating things like brownies and food that I cook here. The older two, oy, the older two. LOL

The walking everywhere is exhausting, especially with the kids in tow. I am super paranoid about losing the kids or having someone try and take them from me so I'm always on high alert. We went to Metro Los Leones today in search of the power supply for Junior's xbox and OMG... SO. MANY. PEDESTRIANS. It's a huge metropolis and I figure city people would feel right at home, but I'm not much of a city gal to begin with. Thankfully everyone has been nice and helpful! I tried to withdraw money from an ATM earlier and it did NOT dispense the cash. The bank guard and a random stranger tried to help me only to realize that the ATM was out of cash. LOL I got lost a couple of times, but I would step into a shop and they would help me find my way back, so yay for that.

I get stared at A LOT. Apparently my Spanish accent is similar to that of a Peruvian and they're not well received here. Throw in my English when addressing the kids and people don't know what to make of me. Not to mention my way of dressing is pretty LOUD in comparison to the locals. LOL Oh well. Having the four kids with me also makes me an oddity. Most people have ONE kid or TWO at the most, but NOT FOUR. They asked me if ALL FOUR were mine. Apparently stupidity runs rampant in Chile as well. LOL

The cutest thing by far is how people will hear me speaking English to the kids and they try and make me feel welcomed by using the few words they know in English to address me. A lady said "Welcome" to us today. That was cool. Yesterday while picking up my order at Starbucks the Barista told me that the chocolate was "Warm. Not hot." And today while strolling through the streets we spotted some local police on horseback who took pictures with us. They saw that Emily was taking pictures and they stopped to pose with the kids for some pictures. (Emily is taking pictures like crazy!)

I hope that's a good enough update. I'll try and get Emily's pictures on here to share.... Feel free to ask me anything else.

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