Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Standing her ground.

E2 was born a whopping 18 inches long. The shortest of my four kiddos. She grew at her own pace -- slow -- but has always been a smart little whip. She inherited her height from DH's side of the family. At 5'5" I'm taller than all his sisters.

I worried that her height would be cause for mocking or bullying. Today, she has proved me wrong and has assured me that I have no need for worrying. E2 is the third-born, with two older vindictive siblings that make life for her that much harder. It seems the cards have turned, and they are the ones coming along for the ride.

E1 was correcting her, and before she can finish her sentence E2 has grabbed a fistful of hair and tugged on it, evoking even more hollering from her older sister.

Yes, I'm a terrible mother for not correcting such behavior, but I rather she learn to stand her own ground than give in to bullying -- even if it's that of an older sister.

I'll now proceed to laugh hysterically and bask in my bad parenting. LOL

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