Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emily and school - Part III

Yesterday her teachers and I met again for a FINAL evaluation. Emily has been in 1st grade for three weeks now and her teachers feel she is doing exceedingly well.

First we discussed her benchmark tests. First the MATH: Example of problems asked where addition, subtraction, counting money, count by twos, count by ones backwards, telling time, and drawing the hour and minute hand on the clock telling a specific time. This last question, she mixed up the hour and minute hand's length - but was still able to point them in the right direction. Overall she got ONE question wrong (the one mentioned). Her teacher said that even with just one wrong, she exceeds what they ask of students at this point. I was nervous with math, only because I don't work with this subject too much at home - but was glad to find out that she is grasping all the concepts just fine.

Next the reading. Ya'll, it ridiculous how many words this kid knows and at what level she's reading. For example, at this point they ask that students read at least 14 words per minute. At the end of the school year they should be able to read 45 words per minute. She reads 61 words per minute. SHE DID GREAT in this test as well. (The rest of the scores escape me at the moment.) She also exceeded expectations for this test.

Emily is doing great socially as well. She has made new friends in her first grade class and has maintained friendship in kindergarten. Her first grade teacher lets her go back to Kinder to say "hi" to her teacher and friends, which I think is so sweet. She's pretty popular with both classes and it seems that everywhere we go in town everyone knows her. LOL Both teachers attest to what a joy she is to teach and say she is a bright little girl. I'm sooo happy for her and sooo proud of her.

We all agreed at the end of the meeting that she will stay in 1st grade permanently since we all feel she's doing well.

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