Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Le sigh...

It seems that lately all I do is VENT and whine and complain about everything and everyone. It could be because I don't have any IRL friends that I can connect with and swap kid/husband stories. I miss that. Most of the good stuff that happens I don't have anyone to share it with either. When the baby smiles, I just kind of hope that moment will stay forever embedded in my mind so I can think back on it and smile. When the kids say something cute... same thing. By the time DH gets home so many things have transpired that I have a hard time remembering EVERYTHING that I want to tell him.

It seems to me that I type more about the bad stuff because that's when I take a minute away from it all - and usually away means sitting at the computer where I can pretend nothing is happening. And I'll type it here as an outlet. When the good stuff occurs, I want to enjoy it as muc as possible and just sit there and absorb it all. I don't want to break myself away from that moment...

Anyway, the girls have been fighting. E1 and E2 are sooo not getting along. It's mostly E1 instigating and picking on E2. E2's birthday was on Sunday, and we had a small party/celebration for her. She received a few gifts, which the older two quickly claimed as their own. I can't begin to tell you how ANNOYING that is. The viewfinder projector, quickly became J's property... and the grocery cart with the pretend grocery items -- well E1 is finding it hard to SHARE. It annoys me to no END that they want to take the few items E1 got for her birthday. I'll have to put an END to this quick. At least E2 is VERY vocal and is quick to cry out for help or let them know that, "NOOO! It's MINE!"

And now I'll make a bulleted list to remind me to come back and write about the good stuff....
  • J's progress report
  • Eddy's Laotian silk scarf

Um... guess that's it for now.

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