Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oy vey...

Where do I start? It's been three weeks and two days since the baby was born. I had three days of complete rest, then I was thrown to the wolves and I had to get back some sort of normalcy in my life. As normal as you can be with three kids and a brand new baby. MY GOODNESS. I really deserve SOMETHING for fronting everything and being able to stay ALIVE. My sanity has long since left. For the past few weeks I've derived all my "energy" from SUGAR. I ate everything and anything (including a whole damn carrot cake - YUM - by myself). It is insane the amount of CRAP that piled up during the three days I was gone. Slowly but surely I am tackling it all, one room at a time. Of course, there are glitches to my plan. Like when I set out to clean the kitchen from top to bottom (and actually achieve it!) only to find that whilst I was in the kitchen kicking ass, Emma was all over the rest of the apartment with markers and crayons. Imagine my JOY at finding scribblings in every corner. Right now I could go on and on and on just complaining about EVERYTHING. I'm in a pretty bitchy mood, especially since it's WEDNESDAY. I hate Wednesdays. I loathe Wednesdays. I despite thee, Wednesday.

ANYWHO... I gotta get back to tackling the mountains of clothes. I am sorting winter clothes and storing them and organizing the spring clothes.....


Gosh I needed that... even if it was merely typed out cause the actual screaming would wake up the baby.

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