Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moment of Truth

Ya know how you get one of those moments... when things that were hazy before suddenly seem clear? Times when the big picture just comes together... when the last piece of the puzzle is in place? Well, DH had one of those moments last night. It was rather amusing.

He was holding Baby E, giving ME a much needed break from holding her. He was holding her different ways, trying to entertain her, trying to put her to sleep and mostly just trying to keep her happy and keep her from crying. He sat down for a few minutes since Baby E was content at the time when she had a sneezing fit. LOUD and EXPLOSIVE sneezes came from this tiny 10-plus pound creature. One sneeze after another, after another and with every sneeze her expression was even funnier than the last. Something about squeezing her tiny little eyes shut and just letting it go... anyway, after she was done DH looked PROUDLY at her and said, "Yep, this is my daughter." As if there was ever any doubt about that. One look at her and you can see the striking resemblance between father and daughter. I've always said that with each kid that's born they look more and more like DH - I guess now they are also being born with his sneezing ability. Who needs DNA tests when all you gotta do is hear your kid sneeze. That, my friends, is the moment of truth.

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