Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy,

So J lost a tooth last week. HIS FIRST EVER! Sadly, he swallowed it, so he only has a gap between his teeth to show for this great milestone. Since he had no tooth to put under his pillow, we encouraged him to write the Tooth Fairy a letter.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I have a tooth and I know that it is out but I might have eaten it. please give me a prize thank you. Name Jesus Castillo

So, being the great (and exhausted) parents that we are, we completely forgot to snatch it during the night and put a "prize" in it's place. The following day, we reasoned with J that maybe he needed to put it in the MAILBOX (duh!) so that the tooth fairy could take it and deliver his "prize." Satisfied with our explanation (a.k.a excuse) he went out and put his letter in the p.o. box.

The following day DH called to REMIND me to go take out the letter from the p.o. box and in its place put a prize (pictures to follow). I ran out there AFTER the mail carrier had left and was surprised to see that his "letter" was no longer in our box. Now, he didn't drop it in the outgoing mail slot, or put it in an envelope or anything remotely close to MAILING it, so I was very surprised to see it was gone. I imagined the mail carrier would just ignore it and I would find it there... I was wrong, obviously. I pushed the thought aside and placed the prize in the box and went on my merry way.

When J got home from school I gave him the box keys and told him to see of the Tooth Fairy had replied. Internet, you could HEAR his excited shouting from across the complex, "MAMI! She did! She did! She got me a prize!" Points for us, after having failed terribly the day before.

This is MY response to HIS letter:

Dear Jesus,

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your baby tooth, but the good news is that you'll get a bigger and stronger one in its place. Soon you will see your new tooth grow. Thank you for writing to me and letting me know you might have swallowed it, I would not have known otherwise. Here is your prize for your tooth. I hope you like it and use it a lot. Remember to brush your teeth every day.
Tooth Fairy

So... all that has transpired and we're minding our business on Saturday. The kids are bored out of their mind so DH tells them to go check and see if we have any mail. Imagine our SURPRISE (really we were VERY surprised) when he says the Tooth Fairy wrote him another letter. Uh, ...what? Yep, the mailman/woman WROTE BACK and left a little prize for him (some "bouncy balls"). S/he signed it Tooth Fairy, INC. We didn't make a big deal of it for fear that it would DEBUNK the first letter. DH talked amongst ourselves for a while after that contemplating how to thank the mail carrier. It was a very thoughtful gesture, and one that not many would have done.

This is his/her letter:

Dear Jesus,
Thanks for the note. I hope your teeth are very important to you. You must take good care of them or they will go away - That means good brushing every and less candy --
Good brushing,
Tooth Fairy, INC.

I'll be thinking long and hard on what to get the mail carrier and how to approach him/her. DH I should put a package in our box addressed to TOOTH FAIRY, INC. This was so nice of the "Tooth Fairy" and something we didn't expect. So.... any suggestions?

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