Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ACK! I'm going BALD!!

I'm cooking dinner and out of nowhere DH says, "Why do you have a bald spot?" I immediately freak out and drop everything to go look in the mirror. Sure enough my hair is thinning and I've noticed big ole clumps of hair falling in the shower. I don't know if I've had hair thinning so drastically in the past, but a quick search on kellymom.com showed that it's perfectly normal and it suggests taking an iron supplement as well as a multivitamin. I'm totally guilty of taking NEITHER of these, so I guess I'll start doing it ASAP. I'll go in for a haircut as well, something shorter for sure.

Any other tips? The only thing I've been doing different is drinking green and white tea for the past few weeks now. Everything else is very much the same. I really hope it's just a so-called phase and I get my hair back. boo-hoo.

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