Wednesday, November 19, 2008


WOW. I never thought I was raising my kids to where they would be embarrassed of me or anything I did. Especially when I'm doing things for them. Today Junior has a field trip. In the note they sent home it asked that we send lunch with them. Not having gone to the grocery store to stock up on kid basics, I made him a grilled cheese sandwich, packed a fruit cup and string cheese along with a bottle of water. It must have been the way the sandwich looked because he tried to tell me that THE SCHOOL would be providing lunch for him and could he just give his lunch instead to his father when he got home. WOW. It hurt a little when my heart broke into a thousand pieces. Here I had gotten up earlier than usual to pack this simple lunch, and he refused it. He asked if he could take JUST the water bottle, and he did.


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