Monday, November 10, 2008

You know what truly amazes me?

All the "Anti-Christ" referrals that are being made towards OBAMA.

So the dude wasn't who you would have picked for President, is it really THAT BAD?What would have happened if McCain would have won? Would we take the CAIN in his name and say "LOOK HE'S A DESCENDANT OF CAIN! HE'LL BRING DEATH TO OUR COUNTRY?" (Just an example of the stupid logic that is going around.)

I just don't get it. I've read opinions of people that voted for BOTH parties and everyone seems to have logical reasons for wanting to vote for their candidate -- but the anti-christ comments and the end-of-the-world promises just seem so wrong to me and afar from logical.

I realize Obama is NOT perfect, but I (along with the majority of the country) considered him the most qualified candidate for the job and that's why he was elected. Can we agree that circumstances are dire and we need to work together as a whole to better the country? Or are people going to refuse to cooperate under the pretext that "He's not MY president."

I'm just really bummed about this... that's all.

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