Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's NOON, do you know where you're kids are?

Mine are tormenting their father as I type this. He was trying to get them to participate in a creative story telling exercise and the end results was them taking turns to tell ONE story. LOL. But at least they all had fun. It's was funny to hear Emma say, "I'll huff and I'll puff. I'll huff and I'll puff. I'll huff and I'll puff..." until DH helped her finish the thought and added the part about blowing the house down. LOL

Most of the kids have colds, including Baby E. Bummer. This has resulted is loss of sleep and very achy back holding the baby JUST SO to allow her to sleep. Poor baby. Emma just came over with my pedicure bag -- ugh. The kid has been raiding my make-up like no one's business. She dumped a whole TUBE of Merle Norman foundation. I haven't told DH yet, he'd have a cow. Speaking of DH, I think he fell asleep. The kids are trying to play pranks on him -- serves him right. He should know better than to fall asleep while on kid watch -- you can't trust those kids.

This weekend has been lazy lazy lazy. DH is having a hard time with all the uncertainties of the economy. I know he fears for his job and worries about what would happen if he did become unemployed. It puts him in such a sour mood -- I have to watch everything I say cause he has just been so touchy on everything. I really hope everything starts to look up soon. I can't stand to see him so worried all the time. I worry too, but I have faith that we'll be okay. Although his mood can be contagious and I need to watch myself. Well, the baby is asking for attention. She has had a lousy day - what with waking up from her nap and all that. I hope the rest of the day goes smoothly. Payday is but a week away, and then we can breathe a little easier and not worry so much.

Dear God, if you can read this -- be with me. Give me strength. Give me patience. Give me love and endurance. Hold my hand through it all... please.

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