Saturday, December 06, 2008

ACK! Cactus thorns!

Or needles... or whatever you call them!

I think I'm covered in them? Think?

I was using DH's pickup truck today and I totally forgot that he recently used it to go dump a bunch of old branches and cacti that I made him dig up from our "desert landscape." I KNOW for a fact he didn't wash it down afterward and I feel all prickly and stuff. HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET RID OF THEM??! I can't see them - or else they'd be gone by now. I can only feel the damn prickly stuff. Help.

You'd think that as a Mexican, I'd know the remedy for it. What a poser I am.


  1. Eat peyote and you will become one with the cactus. Its the only cure , trust me, I'm a cab driver, I know stuff. lol

  2. I think I'll skip the peyote. LOL

    I googled a remedy and it said to let regular white glue dry over the area and then pull it off when dry. It's supposed to pull the little needles up as well. Didn't work - I do however have little blisters on my arms where the needles are embedded. Will have to find tweezers to pull them out.