Thursday, December 04, 2008

And what horrific week wouldn't be complete without...

... a SICK KID. The older two had a stomach bug that they are over now but seem to have passed down to Emma. She drank milk and puked it earlier. I tried to give her some apple juice instead and she just puked that too. She did say she felt MUCH BETTER once she was done puking, but this does not BODE WELL. IT DOES NOT BODE WELL AT ALL.

cue screaming and pulling out hair.


  1. Hope the puking has stopped!? YUCK!

    So excited that you found my blog and commented. Thank you! Will keep up with yours too, what a beautiful photo in your blog header!

  2. Ah yes, and I am very tall (5'10)... but in my defense, all the hispanic cousins? Shorter than 5'5 for sure!