Thursday, December 04, 2008

Washing mouth out with soap....

Every year you see it. A Christmas Movie. Every year you see the scene where he says the alternative to FUDGE and gets his mouth washed out with soap. Every year you laugh. Until the year that you find yourself using the same method to get your OWN kid to not say curse words.

Who's the culprit? Emily. I overheard her last night asking Junior if he knew what bee with an itch was/meant. I don't want her EVER using the word again, so I did the soap stint. It was only to send the message home that those are DIRTY words and when you use them they get your MOUTH DIRTY and therefore I have to wash out her mouth with soap. I think she got it. And so did the other kids. I would honestly be surprised to know that she uses a word like that again.

I did ask her who she heard it from and she fessed up. This morning I called her teacher and told her about it so she can addressed the use of those words and notify the child's parents in the event that they would like to nip this in the bud. I feel like such an AWFUL parent when I'm the one that has to discipline. Let's hope I can get used to this part of my job.

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