Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Night #1 -- Pukey Kid

Emma is SICK.

Here I am, it's late, I'm tired and DH is in Houston taking some course/training... and what do you know - Emma starts puking up EVERYTHING. She was fine this morning, wasn't eating a whole lot but was eating some, then I took them to the park and we came back and she took a nap. She woke up cranky and a little flushed, but I didn't think much of it. I'm trying to feed her and eat dinner as well when she pukes all over me. I'm telling you, it took a miracle of GOD for me not to start puking as well. I put her in the bath and she felt/acted better. Then I gave her a little bit to drink and she puked that up too. I gave her some medication that is supposed to stop the puking. She vomitted a few minutes later. Her fever started at 99.6 and right now it's holding steady at 100.7. *sigh* I can't even give her Tylenol cause she will probably throw that up too. The older two wanted attention, but with Emma throwing up constantly and acting a bit lethargic they had to make do without me. They behaved well for the last hour or so before bedtime.

I hope this is just some 24 hr bug that she will get over soon. I hate it when the kids are sick. I feel so damn helpless when I can't ease their discomfort. Tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. I am not the world's most energetic mother at this point - forgive me for being so damn pregnant. Lets hope she rests through the night and I'm able to get SOME sleep so that I can function tomorrow.

DH will be home Friday evening, and he's already been notified that I WILL be taking the weekend off. I will be locking myself in the bedroom and sleeping all damn weekend while he looks after the three kids. We'll see how much of a break I get.

Lord give me strength...

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