Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Random #1

The little girl does NOT like to wait. She wants things NOW. For example, she got hungry, and proceeded to shove a bowl at me so that I could fill it up with food. I was in the middle of getting dinner ready so luckily she didn't have to wait LONG. Immediately after she was done with dinner she started stripping down. She wanted a bath... NOW. So she stands at the bathroom door waiting (and wailing) for her older brother to finish HIS shower. She was happy as soon as she got in the bath. I'm waiting for her to CRASH in a few minutes.

Random #2

The older girl does NOT do well with sharing attention/toys/time with the little girl. She cries like her younger sister does if she does NOT get her away. The older girl will often scream "MINE!" in an attempt to take something away from her younger sister, only to have her mimic the "MINE!" and run away with whatever it is she wanted in the first place. I wonder how the two will cope with having ANOTHER girl in the house. The joys of having daughters. I can hear them bickering over something and the little girl saying "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Way to go on that one older girl.

Random #3

The boy is not very good at remembering things. Today while cleaning their room I found a red slip from the cafeteria telling me had a NEGATIVE balance. They send notices home as soon as they only have a WEEK left of money for lunch -- every day. So, he has NOT been giving me these notices for well over a week. After the balance reaches -$5.00 they start giving him an alternative lunch (i.e. peanut butter sandwich). I loaded the girls up a few minutes before pick-up time and deposited money in his lunch account. I also pulled him out of class since I was already there. At that point, he gives me a red slip indicating his balance was -$5.75. Questioned him, and it turns out he was still allowed to have his pick of lunch. *PHEW*

Random #5

The kids have been getting along well these past few days despite the lack of father. They play with each other and entertain themselves. The only problem I have is them being too rough on the little girl and having to REPEATEDLY ask them NOT to. This gets annoying fast. Thankfully it'll only be a few more days until the return of said father and I can take the weekend off... or pretend to. The boy has been doing well in school - he brings home an assesment sheet every week and he usually does superb on them. I'm happy his reading/writing skills are up to par but we have to work on his math and attention span.

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