Monday, February 11, 2008



On Friday Emma woke up with NO FEVER. Hurray! The bug was passing but not without first kicking my butt and making me scream out "MERCY!" Emma kept vomiting for the remainder of the day although with longer intervals between puking sessions. This allowed for her to at least REST. It also allowed me to try and pick up the place. I managed to do a lot actually. By noon DH phoned me to let me know he was on his way to the airport. Once he got there this whole drama ensued about the flight being OVERBOOKED... and the possibility of him not actually being here by dinner time. My brain could not wrap itself around the thought of having to endure another sleepless night. Thankfully he got on the flight and made it safely home at about 6ish. He also brought PIZZA and BREADSTICKS with him. Hooray for fast-food. The kids ate more breadsticks than pizza, and Emma even took a bite (only to puke it up later). She slept better through the night than previous days, and the kids were just too wired and happy that their dad was back home... eventually we all dozed off in hopes of a better day.

Woke up "late" (past 7 a.m.) and a bit refreshed albeit still exhausted. No fever again! I'm really starting to think that we are in the clear. Emma is acting like she's very hungry. She sees JC drink a glass of milk and starts crying that she wants some. STUPIDLY, I give her a small amount of milk and she seems content. Not long afterwards she starts crying and being inconsolable. We figured she had a tummy ache and gave her some tylenol. Sure enough, she puked up the milk and I beat myself up over it. I had a brief moment of insanity after having to cradle her for the past 3 days (NON-STOP) and walk away from her, only to return full of remorse and feeling like a terrible mother. DH decides he'll take the other two kids to W-M to kill some time and treat them to a new toy. During this time Emma and I are left home alone, and she proceeds to puke ONCE more on me and then crashes for a few hours. DH arrives bearing gifts in the form of ROSES and CHOCOLATES. I love this man. LOL Each kid now has a new toy and a bag full of junkfood that we gorge on. Having learned my lesson I only offer Emma pedialyte and crackers for the remainder of the day and we are able to avoid yet another puking session... we're really hoping that she starts to feel better and eat real food soon.

To be continued...

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