Thursday, July 03, 2008

House Affairs...

Yesterday was a sucky day. It really was. I woke up with a sore boob (which is much better now btw). Then I think I had a fever, so I took some tylenol to reduce it and help with the aches and pains.

Later, around 3ish I forgot that I had to go drop off some paperwork at the realty office. So I call the realtor and let her know I'll be there in 30 minutes. I show up exactly 30 minutes later, and she isn't there. I just dropped off the paperwork with another realtor and came back home. Not even 30 seconds into me unloading the kids the phone rings. It's DH - he needs me to go back to the exact same location and drop money off at the title agency. ARGH. So I have to load up the kids all over again and drive back to the exact same place. I get there and have to wait to see the escrow agent. ARGH again. One of the employees suggested I give her the money and that she would give me a PAPER stating that I had given her money. Not an official receipt, or any receipt for that matter... merely a paper. I wonder how stupid I look. lol I turned her offer down and proceeded to wait. Handed over a few thousands in cash and got my OFFICIAL receipt.

Came back home and sky was getting dark. Power kept going out and coming back on repeatedly. Power back on. YAY. Decided I was having a crappy day and wanted fast food. Went to KFC - power is out on that side of town. Went to McD's - huge ass line that I was not gonna get in. Tried BK, no power, no dice. Came back home defeated. I saw that DOMINO'S was delivering. YAY. Ordered ONLINE cause it's so much easier that way. About 30 mins later - PIZZA. Hooray for laziness and pizza. Kids ate, I ate, DH and BIL got home from work and they ate and we still have pizza to eat for breakfast. DH has a 3-day weekend and I look forward to having the kids bug him instead of me. Will bug DH repeatedly today to see if he's heard from the bank as to when we can close.

Will be back with pictures of our soon-to-be *new* house.

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