Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I think I'm sick...

Woke up with a sore boob. OUCH. Have managed to get the kids fed and the house semi-orderly. Feel soooo tired/sore. Everything hurts. I wish I could take a damn nap.

I got stuck getting hazard insurance quotes for our *new* house (among other things). Anyway, it ended up being SUPER CHEAP. Like $373 yearly premium, which is a little over $30 a month. Hooray for me. I get us good deals on almost everything. We're hoping to close sometime next week. Just in time for the kids birthdays! YAY.

OMG, the kids birthdays! Can't believe they are getting older... can't believe I'm getting OLD. Managed to pick a theme for each kid. Princess (OF COURSE) for Emily and Transformers for Junior. Coordinated it with pink/yellow and red/blue. Thinking of a birthday menu. DH suggested BBQ Pulled Chicken, Corn on the Cob, and my version of Baked Potatoes, with homemade bread.

Just a minute.... boobs refilling... kinda painful.

Boobs done.

WHERE WAS I? Oh food.. right. Menu might change depending on whether my parents make it out here or not. I'll ask mom to bring some fajitas. Fajitas are huge for us Texans... we eat them like every damn day. If fajitas, then I'll probably make rice, frijoles a la charra, potato salad and tortillas... FLOUR TORTILLAS. Gosh, all this food. Then we wonder why Mexicans are so damn fat and why we are more prone to diabetes. ANYWAY...

House - eh.
Me - eh. and ouch.
Kids - fed and content
Life - eh.
New house - yay.
Getting old - boo.

Emma has been throwing these DAMN FITS where she pretty much falls to the floor or leeches on to me. I let her thrash on the floor. She is doing it now. Wants the bottle o body wash to squirt all over the house. NOT HAPPENING. Gots to go.

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