Monday, July 28, 2008


I decided to go look at the School District's website yesterday and guess what I found out...? School starts on the 6th! That's like 9 more days! I am not ready. I am not prepared. ARGH! I hate being not prepared.

I guess with the whole house thing we kinda got sidetracked. Now we've scheduled a shopping trip for this upcoming weekend to make sure the kids have school clothes and NEW SHOES (Trust me, they need them) for this upcoming school year. I have been trying to sell off the kids fall/winter clothes from last year and it's going pretty well. I gotta take pics of Emily's clothes and some of Emma's and off they go to make other kids happy. Originally I was gonna keep Emma's clothes but after much deliberation I really don't think they'll fit Baby E this winter season. Besides, I could really use the $ now.

Today I have to go finish cleaning the apartment so that we can turn it in on the 30th. Yesterday we managed to get the kitchen clean and most of the walls scrubbed, today I just gotta go and finish the bathroom and living room. Hopefully we'll get some of our deposit back. Especially considering how NASTY the place was to begin with. I had to use a KNIFE to chip off some of the nasty gunk built up on the sinks/faucets and oven. Yeah... that was nice. I'll do an overall sweep and mop as well as vacuum the place and spray it with tons of air freshener to get rid of that nasty OLD smell. Aside from that I gotta clean this place up, take a shower and well - just be functional and effective in one way or another. Baby E is squealing now, time to take her out of her swing and start my chores for the day. TTFN.

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