Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The terrible, no good, very bad day -- PART II

Part Deux

Part ONE is here

So after NOT spanking the kids (notice how I do a lot of this LOL) and fixing the window I headed back to the Home Depot sans kids (except for the baby, she is like permanently attached to me). I was smart enough to check out prices and compare appliances online before going there. I also wrote down the model number, prices and all the rebates I qualified for. (I'm still cheap.) DH even gave me FREE RANGE and told me to pick WHATEVER I WANTED. This day was FINALLY turning around! I went through the whole HOUR LONG process of picking everything I want, plus warranty extensions, plus parts only to head to the register and encounter a LITTLE surprise.

Lemme just say I like surprises... surprises are usually good. Like when I was pregnant with Evelyn - that was a surprise. Well it was more like a small heart attack, but it qualifies as a surprise. I wasn't thrilled, but now I'm happy (and certifiably insane). I like it when DH surprises me with roses, and chocolate. Especially chocolate. So see... I like surprises. This surprise however... was NOT NICE and I still don't like it.

We have had a Home Depot credit card that originated as a Home Depot LOAN. This is our second credit card out of TWO. We paid off all our balance on this credit card. We were happy and proud that we were responsible adults and paid off money we owed. RESPONSIBLE. We should be given an award... rewarded. The people at Home Depot don't think so. They figure that if they can't make money off of us in interest, that we're not worthy to have a credit card. So after we paid off the LAST CENT we owed them, they closed our account. They also didn't tell us that they closed our account. Because they just didn't feel like it, because we're not worthy. That was the surprise.... sorry, I'm not good at surprising. Can you pretend to be surprised? Yes? Thanks.

Anyway, back to the register and the surprise you're gonna pretend to be surprised by. So I walk to the register, so happy that I got to pick the appliances I wanted, that I qualified for several rebates, that I got 10% off and that I don't have to make payments or pay interest for 12 MONTHS and hand my order over. I swipe the card and (here it comes) ... SURPRISE! It's declined. DECLINE. I scoff. I blink furiously and say in my most snobbish voice, "What?! I have a *x* thousand dollar limit, and this isn't even close. Try it again." The cashier swipes it again. STILL DECLINED. "WHY?!" I demand to know. She gets on the phone and calls the meanies Home Depot people and they tell her that the account has been CLOSED. Gee, thanks for letting me KNOW! I'm baffled. I don't know what to do, so I call DH and tell him. Yeah, he's not so happy either. However he tells me to just charge it to the credit card. This does NOT bode well. I'm cheap, and I WANT ALL MY DAMN REBATES AND DISCOUNTS AND SPECIALS. DAMMIT. Thankfully the sales associate was still there and told me that I had 24 hours to complete the sale and STILL get the 10% off. I leave, defeated.

I, of course, immediately get on the phone with these sons of ... er, with the Home Depot representatives and ask what's going on. By that time, it didn't even matter. I get the low down and head back home. DH and I compare notes, we've both had bad days. But wait! There's more. In true Castillo fashion, Emily had a pee-pee accident during her nap. Yay - more laundry. And, Emma spilled her glass of lemonade during dinner. That was the cherry on top.

AMAZINGLY, no one was hurt or died today. Not even me. I didn't cut my wrists with the shards of glass when I had the chance. I didn't run into traffic, or run away and all kids are accounted for. They're even sleeping soundly, dreaming of being grounded the rest of their lives. Tomorrow is Emily's birthday. Poor kid, I'll probably lift the punishment for tomorrow - but after that... who am I kidding? It'll start all over again, so I might as well get some shut-eye and prepare myself for it.

If you read all of this, GOD BLESS YOU. Please think of me when your life is running smoothly and perfectly... and when it goes to hell too.

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