Monday, March 10, 2008

Absent minded...

I spent all of yesterday complaining about how I had a doctor's appointment today and I would have to take three kids in tow. I complained about how hard it would be to get everyone bathed and ready and then sit still in the waiting room.... on and on I went. DH just sympathized and said it'd be okay, and besides it would get me out of the house during "spring break" with all three kids. I wasn't too convinced, but agreed.

Then this morning I look at the calendar - the one that I've been looking at every day - and noticed that my appointment would not be until the 17th! A whole week from now. I started laughing with DH about how much of an idiot I would look like showing up at the doctor's office expecting to get seen when I had NO appointment. I would have gone through all the trouble of getting kids and myself ready only to go turn beet red once they told me I didn't have an appointment and it wouldn't be another week before mine came up. OH GOD... Was I glad DH was here to double-check on my mistake.

This is how I know the end is near. With all other pregnancy my brain just seems to leave the building. Kinda like the time I was pregnant with Emily and the nurse asked for my age (routine question) and I said SIXTEEN. ROFLMAO Thank God DH was there too, to remind me that I was MUCH OLDER... or else they would have thought I was all sorts of crazy.

At this point I am very uncomfortable in just about any position. Sitting down, laying down, propped up on pillows, standing, ANYTHING... I just hurt in ache in places I had forgotten can hurt and ache. Just sitting here typing this is very tiring. I guess this is my cue to head back to bed and prop myself up as best as possible with as many pillows I can find.

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