Monday, March 17, 2008

Longest morning ever...

Spring break is now officially over for J. He returned to school this morning and only put up a fight when I told him he couldn't take his kickball with him. I did NOT want to wake up but I had a long to-do list that had to get done. To begin with, get the kids ready for school. Even though J is the only one that attends, I have to make sure everyone is dressed and fed before we head out the door - including myself.

Once at school I had to run into the office to get a copy of J's birth certificate. I stupidly left his back in Texas and asking my inlaws to find it for me back home is just too big of a pain. I really don't like the idea of my mother-in-law going through ALL of our belongings.. it irks me to NO end.

Birth certificate (or at least the copy) in hand, we headed to the Department of Economic Safety to submit the application for Kid's Care. AMAZINGLY, and without a doubt a miracle, I qualified for State assistance for our medical expenses because of my pregnancy. That is a HUGE relief, since I would get panic attacks thinking of how they were gonna overcharge us for petty stuff. Now I can relax and let myself go into labor. I just hope the kids qualify for the Kid's Care and I don't have to worry about that either.

After that, on to the Dr's appointment where I had to wait almost an hour to be seen DESPITE having an appointment. I had the joy of getting the Groub B Strep test done but also got a QUICK ultrasound to make sure that baby was already head down. LOCKED AND LOADED! Unfortunately for me, the Doc wants blood work done, and I really really really really really really HATE needles... like, REALLY. DH says I should go - so I might have to head back today and get that done.

One good thing about today is that I got to eat SUBWAY... it's been ages. The girls had chicken noodle soup and I had the daily special (Turkey & Ham sandwhich). Once there I saw the nail salon and have been contemplating making an appointment for myself to get all spiffied up before the baby comes. I think I deserve it, and even if I don't... dammit I wanna look nice.

And last but not least I had to get some paperwork notarized and ended up NOT getting it. I didn't have CASH to pay for it (who carries CASH still?!) so I had to turn around and head back home. While we were there E1 got her foot stuck in the cart and some kind older gentleman helped her get UNSTUCK. I swear that kid has got ants in her freaking pants. She is always upside-freaking-down and it drives me insane. Maybe I can sign her up for gymnastics or something crazy of that sort, but with the baby on the way I'd be hard to continue with the lessons after she gets here. Just a thought...

STILL have laundry to put away, dishes to wash/clean, beds to make and a whole lot of picking up. I am so dang exhausted though that I am gonna try and sneak a nap on the sofa while the girls watch a bit of Noggin. I just need to rest, I'm pooped. Let's hope the rest of the day proceeds smoothely. Which reminds me, I gotta call the lab and try and make an appointment as well as the nail salon..... Later.

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