Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last night we were notified that our home back in Texas was in the path of a huge WILD FIRE. Never in my 24 yrs of being a Texan had a wildfire been so close to The Valley. We immediately went to The Monitor (local newspaper) to see what information we could get. Turns out the fire was about 15 miles north, and not all that close after all. It was sparked by a downed power line, and since last year we received a TON of rain, as opposed to this year, there was a bunch of dried off brush that had grown the previous year.

Firefighters watch as a large brush fire approaches US 281 north of San Manuel on Tuesday night.

I freaked out immediately because we left albums filled with all sorts of pictures of us, not to mention our WEDDING PORTRAITS. DH argued that if something happened we'd get other pictures. I argued that I would NEVER be a size 0 again, 17 or that freaking pretty. Thankfully there was NO NEED for anyone to dash to a burning house and try to save my portraits. LOL

So for most of the night my mind wandered back to my nice purdee home and hoped that nothing happened to it. Now that the fire is under control, I can relax and go take a nap to make up for the time I didn't get to sleep. ;)

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